Universal-Shredder NGU

Universal Shredder (NGU)

Continuous high-performance shredder

The Universal Shredder (NGU) is a high-speed single-shaft shredder designed for pre- and post-shredding of any material that can be cut. This includes paper, files, data media, textiles, cables, plastics and packaging. It shreds the feed material to a size between 10 and 120 mm.

Layout of the Universal-Shredders (NGU)
Layout of the Universal-Shredders (NGU)
Function of the Universal-Shredder (NGU)
Function of the Universal-Shredder (NGU)
Universal Shredder NGU 0513
Universal Shredder NGU 0513

The loose feed material is loaded into the infeed hopper. A hydraulically driven slide pushes the material along the base plate and toward the shredding system. The feed material is shredded between the rotor equipped with blades and the counter-blade on the static blade seat. Once the shredded material reaches a defined particle size, it falls out of the machine through a screen basket. The size of the discharge material is defined by the hole pitch of the screen. It can range from 10 to 120 mm.

The BHS Universal Shredder has been designed for conventional recycling facilities and use in the manufacturing industry. The primary goal for both applications is to achieve low processing costs per metric ton.

The Universal Shredder (NGU) used in various application scenarios

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Brochure "Universal Shredder (NGU)" (PDF / 1.7 MB)
Brochure "Universal Shredder (NGU)"

Product brochure for the "Universal Shredder (NGU)"

Size: 1.7 MB
‘Recycling solutions’ brochure (PDF / 6.0 MB)
‘Recycling solutions’ brochure

This overview brochure introduces the BHS recycling solutions.

Size: 6.0 MB
Technical data sheet "Universal Shredder (NGU)" (PDF / 183 KB)
Technical data sheet "Universal Shredder (NGU)"

Technical data for the Universal Shredder (NGU)

Size: 183 KB


  • Quick and simple screen replacement
  • Convenient removal of contaminants
  • Consistent, clean cutting quality
  • High throughput rate
  • High machine uptime
  • Economical solution


  • Paper
  • Files
  • Data storage devices
  • Textiles
  • Cables
  • Plastics
  • Packaging

BHS recycling technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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