Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)

Intense mixing of dry or moist fine materials

The BHS single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG) is a powerful, easy-to-maintain solution for continuous mixing processes, particularly those with fine aggregates. The mixer is suitable for the continuous production of dry, paste-like, moist or pumpable mixtures.

The design of the mixer inlet, the shape and arrangement of the mixing tools, and the selection of the appropriate speed ensure a consistently high mixture quality. The material to be mixed is accelerated forcefully by the mixing tools. The energy input causes highly turbulent relative movements in the mixture throughout the entire volume of the mixer. Any agglomeration of material is reliably broken down by shear forces, eliminating the need for additional agitators. This means that consistent, homogeneous mixing results can be achieved in a very short time.

In the single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG), the mixing components undergo forceful acceleration and intense mixing.
Functional diagram shows the proven mixing concept and optimized mixing process that characterize the single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG).
Rubber trough is self-cleaning thanks to the flexible rubber jacket
Graphic shows the single-shaft continuous mixer's self-cleaning rubber trough, which consists of a flexible rubber jacket.

The self-cleaning rubber trough is another special feature of the BHS mixer. The pulsating motion of the rubber jacket prevents hardened mixed material from caking on the trough wall. This also helps to reduce energy consumption and protects the mixing tools from wear.

Our single-shaft batch mixers have proven their value in countless applications. Mixers for continuous processing are available for the performance range from 10 to 700 t/h. Precision dosing technology is essential for continuous mixing; we offer this component as well as complete systems.

MFKG 0520 single-shaft continuous mixer used in a combined plant for moistening fine materials and conditioning contaminated soil, sludge and filter cake.
The image shows an MFKG 0520 single-shaft continuous mixer used in a combined plant for moistening fine materials and conditioning contaminated soil, sludge and filter cake.
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Brochure "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)" (PDF / 2.6 MB)
Brochure "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)"

Product brochure for single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)

Size: 2.6 MB
‘Mixing and Crushing’ brochure (PDF / 4.6 MB)
‘Mixing and Crushing’ brochure

Overview brochure for BHS Mixing & Crushing Technology

Size: 4.6 MB
Technical data sheet "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)" (PDF / 126 KB)
Technical data sheet "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)"

Technical data for single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)

Size: 126 KB


  • Consistently high mixture quality
  • Self-cleaning rubber trough
  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy design

BHS mixing technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center

Technical article

Creating Value from Overburden

bulk solids handling
No. 2/3 · 2016
June 2016
PDF (145 KB)
Creating Value from Overburden

Valuable Rock Grade obtained from Contaminated Feed Material - The new dry process clay adhesions from screen waste produced in quarries and gravel
pits. Operators report that they are able to convert more than 90 % of contaminated feed material into salable rock grade using the ‘Combimix’ system.

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Twin mixing plant: Two different mixing procedures in one system

5 | 2016 (May)
May 2016
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Twin mixing plant: Two different mixing procedures in one system

A new unparalleled mixing plant from BHS-Sonthofen has been in operation of late at Nikolaus Müller Kalkwerk-Natursteinwerke (Müllerkalk) in Rhineland-Palatinate close to the Belgian border: It combines the continuous moistening of agricultural lime and the batch production of mixed binders for ground stabilization measures. The new plant opens up new markets for Müllerkalk, thereby compensating for the somewhat seasonally fluctuating lime market. The fully automatic loading is a special feature: it is available approximately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Size: 1.2 MB

Continous Mixing - Mixing of fine Materials

bulk solids handling
No. 6 - 2011
October 2011
PDF (538 KB)
Continous Mixing - Mixing of fine Materials

The MFKG type single-shaft continuous mixers by BHS Sonthofen are especially suitable for mixing fine materials. According to the manufacturer, the machine always provides a homogeneous mixing result in compliance with the specified requirements.

Size: 538 KB
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