Crushing technology

More than just size reduction

Our product range includes impact crushers and impact mills with horizontal and vertical shafts. Vertical-shaft crushing machines are our specialty. Our crushers and mills can do more than reduce the size of particles in the processing of minerals, they can also be used for:

  • Producing the desired grain-size curves
  • Refining the grain shape (e.g., cubicity, crushed face count)
  • Disintegrating composite materials through selective crushing

BHS crushers with vertical shafts transfer a very large amount of acceleration energy to the material on a defined trajectory. This places stress on every single particle upon impact. As a result, vertical shaft crushers are perfectly suited for the aggregates industry, where they are used to improve cubicity, produce high-quality sand or to achieve selective crushing effects. Further attractive advantages include excellent resistance to wear.

Choosing the right crushing machine always depends on the intended application. Trials are essential for gaining absolute certainty about the right choice. For this reason, BHS operates a crushing technical center in Sonthofen with full-sized machines.

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Crushing application questionnaire (PDF / 136 KB)
Crushing application questionnaire

The PDF form contains a crushing application questionnaire. We need you to provide us with some information in order to properly assess your processing requirements. We will use these to determine the suitable crusher, along with its configuration and size.

Size: 136 KB

BHS crushing technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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