January 17, 2013

Refrigeration unit recycling: highly efficient gas treatment with new partner

3D model of the multi-stage final purification in the IC process. 3D model of the Rotorshredder. Logo of Kopf Anlagenbau GmbH

In the IC process, the refrigerants and blowing agents undergo complete chemical conversion during the multi-stage final purification process. The BHS Rotorshredder is the central element at the heart of continuous impact crushing in the IC process. Logo of Kopf Anlagenbau GmbH

The German company Kopf Anlagenbau GmbH, based in Sulz-Bergfelden, became the new partner of BHS-Sonthofen in 2012 for the subprocess of catalytic gas treatment in the field of refrigeration unit recycling. Kopf has extensive experience, especially in the fields of catalytic, adsorptive, and absorptive gas purification. BHS and Kopf entered into an exclusive partnership. The joint development has led to several patent applications.

With the IC process, BHS-Sonthofen offers complete solutions for the cost-effective recycling of refrigeration units. The central pillars of the IC process are the single-stage continuous impact crushing in the BHS RS 3218 Rotorshredder and the thermal-catalytic treatment of the CFC or hydrocarbon-containing refrigerants and blowing agents in the refrigeration units.

The refrigerants and blowing agents released in the IC process are converted by the catalytic gas purification process into carbon dioxide and a saline solution or, optionally, into marketable chemical feedstocks.

The IC process allows major savings in operating costs compared to conventional processes. The costs for liquid nitrogen and the external disposal of gases are eliminated. With a higher proportion of pentane refrigeration units in the future, the operating costs for the gas purification process will automatically be reduced still further.

Combined with the significant reduction in operating costs, the greater eco-friendliness of the process constitutes a new state of the art.

Further information about Kopf Anlagenbau GmbH can be found at www.kopf-gruppe.de.

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