January 25, 2017

Nomination for the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016

Logo for the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016

Logo for the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016

BHS-Sonthofen was nominated for the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016 for its BHS Combimix Process project. The submission was jointly entered with our customer MSW Mineralstoffwerke Südwest GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWI)) awards the German Resources Efficiency Award to outstanding examples of products that efficiently use raw materials and other materials, processes or services, as well as application-oriented research results. Under the technical supervision of the German Raw Materials Agency (Deutsche Rohstoffagentur, DERA), up to four companies and one research institute are recognized.

After careful deliberation of all submissions, the jury nominated the BHS Combimix process among others. We are very proud of this nomination because it acknowledges our constant striving for optimal customer solutions and the development of new processes and solutions.

The Combimix process involves the efficient use of limestone, which creates value from previously unutilized and dumped material, particularly clay-and-rock mixtures. The Combimix process turns clay-and-rock mixtures found in quarries and gravel pits into a valuable building material. Before development of this process, these mixtures had to be refilled or disposed at a landfill. Owing to this process, the German customer MSW Mineralstoffwerke Südwest was able to increase the yield of its repository by 25 percent. In order to produce the same volume, it was previously necessary to extract about 620,000 tons of limestone annually. Now the total is around 188,000 tons less, meaning a relative reduction of around 30 percent. The raw material efficiency thus increased from 65 to 70 percent to around 93 percent. The new process thus conserves limestone resources and extends the lifecycle of quarries. Because less material will be classified as unmarketable, Combimix furthermore creates space in landfills and backfills. Furthermore, this means that millions of tons of already disposed material thought to be lost can now be reactivated. As an added benefit, the Combimix process reduces energy needs for processing by almost 20 percent.

During the ‘Efficient use of raw materials – Market success’ symposium to be held on 16 February, 2017 at the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin, all nominees will be presented and the winners announced.

For more information on the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016, see www.deutscher-rohstoffeffizienz-preis.de.

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