March 9, 2018

Well-deserved retirement after 46 years

Gerd Maurer moves on to retirement

Gerd Maurer was a dedicated employee of BHS-Sonthofen for 46 years. He retired on 1 April 2018.

BHS-Sonthofen bids farewell to a commendable employee of many years: Gerd Maurer loyally served the company for 46 years.

Gerd Maurer, former Director of Service & Replacement Parts, retired on 1 April 2018. BHS-Sonthofen thanked him for his many decades of service.

Managing Director Dennis Kemmann clearly pointed out his merits as an employee: “As Mr. Maurer leaves the company, we bid farewell to an exceptionally dedicated member of the staff. He was a highly valuable employee of BHS-Sonthofen for nearly half a century. Such a degree of loyalty has become a rare commodity in our day and age. Moreover, Mr. Maurer was a well-liked and appreciated contact to our customers for many years. We extend our sincere thanks for his loyalty and outstanding work and wish him all the best for this new phase in his life.”

Maurer began his career at BHS-Sonthofen in September 1972. After completing his training as an industrial clerk, he worked in the payroll office for one and a half years before moving to the Service & Replacement Parts department, which he headed for many years. Both customers and colleagues value Maurer above all for his enormous expertise. He is intimately familiar with the retrofitting of new and old machines in the field of mixing and crushing technology and knows various technological fine points relevant in this context. Maurer has worked with some of the customers for more than 30 years. The fact that BHS sees him off into well-deserved retirement with a heavy heart became clear from what many colleagues said at the farewell ceremony.

Gerd Maurer and Managing Director Dennis Kemmann

“As Mr. Maurer leaves the company, we bid farewell to an exceptionally dedicated member of the staff,” said Managing Director Dennis Kemmann.

Mixing and Crushing Technology sales team with Gerd Maurer

The sales team of the Mixing and Crushing Technology division bids farewell to Gerd Maurer, a respected colleague and fine person.

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