January 12, 2012

Market launch of the "Biogrinder" at BIOGAS 2012

Biogrinder of type RBG as a 3D model

3D model of a type RBG Biogrinder designed to process biomass for the generation of biogas

With 342 exhibitors and nearly 7,000 trade visitors, the BIOGAS trade fair from January 10 to 12, 2012 in Bremen is the most important venue for the international biogas community. This trade fair and the parallel convention provided the ideal platform for BHS-Sonthofen to launch the new "Biogrinder" machine.

The BHS Biogrinder is designed to process biomass used for the generation of biogas. The energy crops are subjected to intensive mechanical pretreatment in the machine, with the effect that the gas yield is substantially increased and the overall fermentation process is stabilized. The Biogrinder, for which a patent application has been filed, works in continuous mode and is easy to operate. The result is a homogeneous and highly mashed substrate with a large particle surface area. As a consequence, the gas production of the microorganisms in the fermenter is significantly accelerated and the methane yield is considerably increased. This has been confirmed in several months of practical experience and tests in a Bavarian biogas plant and is the subject of a scientific study that is currently being evaluated.

More detailed information on the functional principle can be found in the Products section under "Recycling technology" and Biogrinder.

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