February 10, 2016

IFAT premiere: New ball shaper for fine fractions containing metal

Operating principle of the rotor impact mill (RPMX)

Operating principle of the new rotor impact mill (RPMX) generates finer fractions and an enhanced ball-shaping effect

At IFAT 2016, BHS-Sonthofen unveils the new rotor impact mill of type RPMX for separating composite parts and shaping metals from recycling products into balls, such as electrical or electronic waste, shredder light fractions and slag. The new RPMX represents an advanced version of the established RPMV rotor impact mill that generates finer fractions and thus allows customers to reclaim recyclable materials even more effectively. It enables the efficient reclamation of materials such as stainless steel and cable strands, which were previously considered problematic.

The rotor impact mill of type RPMV is an established recycling machine used for separating composites, crushing brittle components and ball-shaping ductile components in a wide variety of applications. The new rotor impact mill of type RPMX from BHS-Sonthofen is a valuable addition to the existing range of systems for recycling residual materials.

The gap between the grinding tools and the anvil ring is much smaller in the new machines, measuring only 5 mm. As the new version also delivers higher circumferential speeds, it generates finer fractions with a more pronounced ball-shaping effect, allowing for the reclamation of a higher proportion of materials than before.

One application example is the disaggregation and ball-shaping of wires and strands. Previously, conventional sorting systems were not able to separate these wires and strands because long thin parts evaded the separation process in air separator tables or non-ferrous separators. The RPMX compacts and shapes individual parts into balls to facilitate clean separation. The machine is also suitable for handling pure cable fractions.

The “Zurik” fraction of mixed shredder residues containing between 30% and 85% metal (predominantly stainless steel but also copper and aluminum) can now be efficiently separated into individual components after being processed in the RPMX.

Design of the rotor impact mill (RPMX)

With a narrow gap between the hammers and the anvil ring, the rotor impact mill of type RPMX generates fine fractions in combination with high circumferential speeds and achieves an intensive ball-shaping effect.

Options and accessories for RPMX

Options and accessories (blue) such as an electro-hydraulic mechanism for opening the cover, an air cannon for reducing caking in the discharging area and a crane for the smooth replacement of wear parts are all available for the RPMX.

Rotor impact mill of types RPMV & RPMX

Rotor impact mills of types RPMV and RPMX are high-performance crushers with a vertical shaft used in the recycling industry.

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