November 15, 2011

Filtration technology division strengthens presence in Bavaria and Austria

Thomas Cleff

Thomas Cleff strengthens the filtration technology division as representative in Bavaria and Austria

In Thomas Cleff, BHS has secured the services of a self-employed commercial agent for Bavaria and, as of January 2012, also for Austria, who is highly familiar with BHS's products: Having already worked for 13 years as a test and commissioning technician at the Sonthofen plant, he can draw on extensive experience with mechanical solid-liquid separation in a variety of industries. His long experience means that he has detailed knowledge of BHS filters and is in an ideal position to give competent advice even where mechanical engineering issues are involved.

This know-how will be very helpful in his work on site since each practical application calls for a careful analysis in order to determine the optimum process and technology. Tests are often also required in the filtration laboratory at BHS in Sonthofen or on a pilot scale at the customer's location before the choice of the best machine for solving a task can be finally confirmed.

An additional benefit is that Cleff already knows many customers in the industry and their applications; his location in Munich also stands for customer proximity.

Jürgen Maurer, sales director for filtration technology, is pleased that his team has been strengthened: "As major industrial locations, Bavaria and Austria offer great potential for our filtration plants. Thomas Cleff now offers a competent point of contact for our customers there and can communicate with them on equal terms."

He continues: "There are many global players operating in both regions who are leaders in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and feed industries, in the oil industry and quite generally in the fields of process technology and plant engineering. With the new commercial agency, we will be able to serve our existing customers better. In addition to our classic direct customer sales, we also intend to expand the OEM business with engineering enterprises and plant builders."

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