November 20, 2010

Expansion of the production capacity at the BHS factory in Tianjin (China)

Picture of the official ceremony

Official ceremony

After around nine months of construction and a total investment of about 14 million RMB - more than 1.5 million EUR - the third expansion of the Chinese production site of BHS-Sonthofen in Tianjin was inaugurated with an official ceremony on November 20, 2010.

The aim of this expansion was to establish a mechanical manufacturing facility, in order to increase the level of in-house production. Due to the expansion the manufacturing and storage area was increased from approximately 4,100 to around 6,000 sq. meters. Nearly two-thirds of the total investment went into machinery and equipment for various manufacturing steps. In particular, in the purchase of CNC machines for machining of small parts and shafts. Additionally, a flame-cutting machine, a sandblasting system and other machines for processing steel sheets, as well as an own painting system were acquired. Thus important manufacturing steps can in future be performed directly at the BHS factory in Tianjin. The most important targets of this investment were to ensure that BHS's high requirements to its own manufacturing quality can be sustainably fulfilled and to markedly reduce production costs through rationalisation effects. Another benefit is a significant reduction in the required manufacturing time.

Picture, taken during the construction phase

Construction phase

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