May 16, 2016

CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. is BHS Filtration Technology’s new Italian sales partner.

Claudio Savini, Christian Steinbinder and Vittorio Savini

Claudio Savini, Christian Steinbinder and Vittorio Savini (from left to right) are really pleased to enter into this new sales partnership.

The Filtration Technology division acquired renowned, Milan-based CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. as its exclusive Italian sales partner in April 2016. BHS Filtration Technology embarked on this new venture as a response to an increase in demand for its products, particularly from the Italian chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The aim of the partnership is to increase commitment in Italy in order to better support Italian customers and projects.

Italy is Europe’s third-largest manufacturer of chemical products, after Germany and France. The Italian chemical industry is highly developed and represents one of the country’s most important industrial sectors. This industry’s highly innovative approach and the large number of international mid-sized Italian chemical companies have given rise to opportunities for investing in new projects and modernizing existing facilities. BHS-Sonthofen offers custom solutions for solid–liquid separation, such as rotary pressure filters and vacuum belt filters.

CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. is based in Milan and was founded in 1911. Today, the company is still family owned and led by the third generation. Among them, Claudio and Vittorio Savini are the direct contacts for BHS-Sonthofen. Over the years, the company has evolved into a leading sales partner of well-known European manufacturers of plant components for the food industry, players in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as Italian mining concerns. The company focuses on the process steps involved in solid–liquid separation, crushing, classification, drying, mixing and screening.

BHS Sales Engineer Christian Steinbinder, the partner liaison, expressed his satisfaction with the new sales partnership: “We have built a strong network and significantly strengthened our presence on the Italian market by joining forces with CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. Our core concern is to provide our customers with direct, local support as a gateway to forging close business ties. Claudio and Vittorio Savini have solid reputations and many years of experience, as do their employees – this lays the perfect foundation for a successful sales partnership.”

Via Vincenzo Monti 44
20123 Milan, Italy

Telephone (+39 02) 468-441 (ext. 202)
Mobile: (+39-348) 260-6825
Fax: (+39-02) 498-0395
E-mail: mach[@]savinimilano[.]com

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