March 15, 2011

BHS trainee achieves Best of the Year Award

Picture of Jessica Waibel, Dr. Christof Kemmann and Julia Birker

Besides Jessica Waibel, Dr. Christof Kemmann, CEO and owner of BHS-Sonthofen is also very pleased with

Jessica Waibel, training supervisor for BHS Sonthofen’s commercial trainees, rarely gets to see such an exceptional apprentice graduate certificate. After only 2.5 years of traineeship, Julia Birker successfully completed her apprentice education in business administration, ranking first in the final exams taken by 21 candidates at the State School II in Kempten (Allgäu). Karl Michael Scheufele, president of the administrative region of Schwaben (Swabia), awarded Julia Birker a certificate of appreciation for her outstanding performance.

After successful completion of her traineeship, Julia Birker got a permanent employment contract and will from now on support the company's inside sales team.

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