February 17, 2015

BHS-Sonthofen supports the Allgäu Airport in Memmingen

[Translate to EN:] InterSky setzt Flugzeug vom Typ ATR 72-600 ein

For the flights to Berlin and Hamburg InterSky uses an aircraft type ATR 72-600 with a seating capacity of 70.

BHS has been supporting the Allgäu Airport in Memmingen as a shareholder for several years. For a regional airport it offers good travel connections for the BHS and its business partners, especially for flights within Germany. Therefor BHS-Sonthofen is very pleased with InterSky being a new airline for the inner German routes to Hamburg and Berlin. InterSky does not only offer daily connections on business days, but also on Sundays. Thus leaving from Memmingen, the northern part of Germany is easily and quickly accessible. 

Get informations about the Allgäu Airport at: www.allgaeu-airport.de or book directly: www.flyintersky.de

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