June 26, 2017

BHS-Sonthofen to deliver five filter systems to Iran for natural gas processing

Five turnkey filtration plants for amine filtration.

BHS-Sonthofen will deliver five turnkey amine filtration systems designated for the Bid Boland II project in Iran. The plants comprise four large and one small filtration unit, all of which are fully planned and implemented by BHS-Sonthofen. This includes filtration technology and piping as well as the control system and steel structure.

Successful launch of sales activities in Iran: Five BHS-Sonthofen filter systems were ordered as part of the Iranian Bid Boland II natural gas production project. The systems will fully automatically clean the amines used for gas scrubbing, thus enabling a closed, environmentally friendly and affordable amine circuit.

The Bid Boland II project was launched in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan. It involves the construction of a gas refinery dimensioned to produce up to 120,000 barrels of liquid natural gas (LNG) per day. BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned with delivering five turnkey filter systems for processing the amine solution in the so-called ‘amine sweetening’ process used to clean natural gas. Construction of the system is scheduled for completion in approximately two years.

Sales partnership in Iran off to a successful start

The Bid Boland II project-related order placed with BHS-Sonthofen sees the successful take-off of the sales partnership with Iranian company Faris International, which had just been forged by the filtration experts in mid-2016. As part of this cooperation, Faris International, a local company with years of experience in many sectors, including the oil and gas industry, brings an established network comprising valuable industry contacts to the table. Filtration technology expert BHS contributes its know-how on solid-liquid separation. Tim Ochel, Project Manager at BHS-Sonthofen, is fully satisfied: “Over the past 15 years, we have accumulated in-depth know-how on designing and implementing demanding filtration solutions for the oil and gas industry – and this expertise was instrumental in securing the order.”

Turnkey filter plants as one-point lifting units

Every one of the ordered turnkey systems from BHS-Sonthofen will comprise a candle filter precoating plant and an activated carbon adsorber system with a downstream polishing filter stage. The overall amine sweetening process is based on an internationally licensed procedure developed by French license provider PROSERNAT. As a trusted supplier of this process, BHS-Sonthofen delivers an end-to-end service including detailed design, planning, engineering, manufacturing of filter technology, piping, cabling, creation of the control concept and implementation. The filtration systems are designed as ‘one-point lifting units.’ This means they will be fully assembled at the home plant and then delivered by sea transport. BHS-Sonthofen has been supporting the gas and oil industry with turnkey systems for the clarifying filtration of process liquids for many years. The systems are used, for example, in amine and MEG processing plants.

Amine sweetening process filters out pollutants with extreme efficiency

The amine sweetening process draws on amines to ‘scrub out’ hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, the acidic components of natural gas. In a subsequent step, the sour gases are removed from the amine solution, and the regenerated amine is reintroduced into the amine scrubber for further use. The small quantities (10-50 ppm) of remaining contaminants and piping abrasion with diameters of just a few thousandth of a millimeter are filtered out to protect the circulation system. “This is where we enter the picture,” states Tim Ochel, Project Manager at BHS-Sonthofen. “For decades, we have been building extensive know-how on how to filter out such contaminants both reliably and fully automatically.” The candle filters from BHS-Sonthofen deliver a dry and safe filter cake without the need for manual intervention, while also substantially preventing amine loss in the circulation system. “Based on this technology, we developed a proven, sustainably cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution for Bid Boland II,” concludes Tim Ochel. The new customers in Iran share this view.

Four filtration units of type PK420.

The order scope includes four large filtration units of type PK420 with a candle filter precoating plant of type CF 18-037 as well as an activated carbon adsorber system with a downstream polishing filter stage.

A small filtration unit of type PK407.

Also included in the order is a small filtration unit of type PK407 with a candle filter precoating plant of type CF 12-007 and an activated carbon adsorber system.

Candle filter plant in Turkmenistan.

BHS-Sonthofen has successfully implemented various international gas projects, such as this installation at the South-Ýolöten gas field in Turkmenistan, underscoring the company’s expertise and experience with candle filter systems.

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