May 24, 2011

BHS-Sonthofen invests 7 million Euro in the Sonthofen location

The foundation stone was laid at BHS-Sonthofen for a new office building

Laying of the foundation stone: Georg Böck (Böck construction), Dr. Angelo Schmandra (BHS), Dr. Christof Kemmann (BHS), District Administrator Gebhard Kaiser, Mayor Hubert Buhl, City Building Officer Lutz-Holger Behre, Works Council Chairman Engelbert Bechteler (from left), Architect Martin Unzeitig (kneeling).

Yesterday, the foundation stone was laid at BHS-Sonthofen for a new office building and a new warehouse was inaugurated. With these investments, BHS is responding to the continuously increasing growth of the company.

With approximately 3,000 m² (around 33,000 sq ft) of floor space, the four-storey office building will provide 90 employees with a modern working environment and will have enough spare capacity for further growth. The investment volume amounts to over five million Euros. The new building with its modern glass facade provides employees in sales, engineering, project management, design, marketing and purchasing as well as the production management and executive management with a modern working environment. A sustainable use of resources is also important for the planning and construction. Thus, value was placed on an especially efficient combination of thermal insulation, heat recovery, geothermal energy and a modern environmentally friendly heating system. The completion of the new building is planned for June 2012.

Additionally, a new warehouse extension was also inaugurated. With the new hall, BHS expands its storage capacity by 1,800 to approximately 3,800 m² (41,000 sq ft). BHS thus creates additional spatial capacity that is urgently needed to cope with the increasing order volume. The investment costs, including the interior equipment (high rise racks, crane, forklifts, etc.), were almost two million Euros.

new office building

The new office building of BHS-Sonthofen

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