December 15, 2014

8. BHS in TOP 100 ranking of SMEs in 2014

Logo of MSG Top 100 ranking of SMEs in 2014

BHS-Sonthofen clinched an outstanding 8th place in the TOP 100 ranking of SMEs in 2014, in which the most successful small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany are rated. For the fifth time in succession, the Munich-based management consultancy Munich Strategy Group (MSG) teamed up with the German daily newspaper "Die Welt" to select the Top 100 SMEs in Germany. The most successful German small and medium enterprises were identified and rated in a nationwide, cross-sector study. In a direct comparison of the performance of 3,300 companies in the revenue category from €15 million to €400 million, BHS-Sonthofen secured a ranking in the Top 100 this year.

This TOP 100 rating is only awarded to SMEs that have achieved sustained levels of business excellence over an extended time. The methodology employed in the study is designed to filter out fortuitous success or one-off achievements. MSG assesses the performance of the companies over the period from 2009 to 2012/2013 based on the criteria of "revenue growth" and "average profitability ratio".

The full results of the ranking can be obtained from the Munich Strategy Group (MSG) at

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