January 23, 2017

New Mixing Division Sales Manager in the U.S.

Mike Kerins

Mike Kerins is the new Mixing Division Sales Manager at the U.S. subsidiary BHS-Sonthofen Inc. based in Charlotte, North Carolina. BHS-Sonthofen has appointed him to further strengthen the sales team, which has quadrupled the number of mixers installed in North America since 2011.

December 12, 2016

Rotary pressure filters for pilot projects and small-volume production

Rotary pressure filter of type RPF P01

The smallest of its kind, RPF P01, is a compact yet structurally identical version of the proven rotary pressure filter (RPF) from BHS-Sonthofen for continuous filtration and separation of suspensions. Thanks to its small size, the RPF P01 rotary pressure filter is especially suited to pilot tests for process preparation as well as small-volume production and batch tests for chemical,...

September 21, 2016

Major project in Switzerland: BHS implements turnkey waste incineration and recycling plant

Turnkey waste incineration processing plant for the Swiss company DHZ

BHS-Sonthofen planned and implemented a turnkey plant for the processing and refinement of metals derived from waste incineration plant slag and other metal-bearing fractions. Recycling machines from BHS are core components of the plant. This order from Switzerland is the largest ever for the Recycling Technology division.

June 14, 2016

BHS-Sonthofen delivers the largest indexing belt filter in the company’s history

Final assembly of the indexing belt filter in early 2016 During final assembly of the BF 350-255 in early 2016 During final assembly of the BF 350-255 in early 2016

BHS-Sonthofen has received the order from an American customer to supply an indexing belt filter for extracting reusable substances from fibrous plant waste. The new filtration plant of type BF 350-255 is not only the biggest that BHS has ever built, with a filter area of just under 90 m², but it also has the highest capacity of its kind in the world.

June 7, 2016

Official commissioning of the quicklime mixing plant at MSW Mineralstoffwerke Südwest in the Mönsheim quarry

MSW Mineralstoffwerke Südwest GmbH & Co. KG officially commissioned the new quicklime mixing plant in the Mönsheim quarry on 4 June 2016. The twin-shaft batch mixer of type DXKS 4.5 from BHS-Sonthofen is capable of slaking the clayey impurities using quicklime, thus and increasing the yield of the production facility.

June 6, 2016

IFAT 2016 – Tremendous success!

IFAT 2016 was deemed at great success. The improved perception of the company on the market, the crowds of visitors and the number of high-end conversations with experts in their fields all point to a successful event.

May 16, 2016

CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. is BHS Filtration Technology’s new Italian sales partner.

Claudio Savini, Christian Steinbinder and Vittorio Savini

The Filtration Technology division acquired renowned, Milan-based CLAUDIO SAVINI & FIGLI S.r.l. as its exclusive Italian sales partner in April 2016. BHS Filtration Technology embarked on this new venture as a response to an increase in demand for its products, particularly from the Italian chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

May 4, 2016

2016 IFAT – Recycling technology highlights

BHS-Sonthofen will be in attendance at this year’s IFAT, which takes place in Munich, Germany, from 30 May to 3 June 2016. This year’s IFAT will feature three new machines: the Rotor Impact Mill (RPMX), the Universal Shredder (NGU) and the SpeedCut Granulator (NGV), in addition to innovative solutions for waste processing and new recycling processes.

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