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Output material: tires after shredding
Output material: tires after shredding

The main raw materials in a tire are rubber, steel and textile fibers, which can be recycled for either the material or the energy it contains. In both cases, the initial process is the same.

The BHS rotary shear (type VR) shreds the tires of passenger vehicles, trucks and construction machinery (up to a diameter of 3 m) down to a particle size ranging from 80 to 150 mm. This results in bulk material that can be processed with ease.

The end product can be used for waste-to-energy applications. Further process steps are required to obtain a rubber granulate or rubber flour suitable for material recycling, which needs to be free of textile adhesions, dust fractions and 100% free of steel. For these applications, too, BHS offers suitable shredding and processing systems technology. BHS recycling systems have a modular design and therefore easily scale with your company’s growing requirements.

Video "Recycling of tires"

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Brochure "Rotary Shear (VR)" (PDF / 3.7 MB)
Brochure "Rotary Shear (VR)"

Product brochure for Rotary Shear (VR)

Size: 3.7 MB

Advantages of BHS Recycling Technology

  • Proven shredding technology
  • High system availability
  • Modular system concept
  • Market-ready product qualities
  • Competent service

BHS recycling technical center

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