Domestic & commercial waste

Optimally reclaiming waste

Domestic waste

According to EU directives, household and commercial waste and other municipal waste must undergo either thermal processing as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in waste incineration plants or mechanical and biological processing. In both cases, processing must begin with targeted shredding. Our corresponding machines range from cutting technology to impact crushing and shearing.

We recommend using our Pre-Shredder (type VSR) or our Rotary Shear (type VR) in the first stage of refuse-derived fuel production, depending on the consistency of the primary input material. Both machines are low-speed, high-torque twin-shaft shredders, but they are equipped with different cutting tools.

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Brochure "Rotary Shear (VR)" (PDF / 3.7 MB)
Brochure "Rotary Shear (VR)"

Product brochure for Rotary Shear (VR)

Size: 3.7 MB
Brochure "Pre-Shredder (VSR)" (PDF / 2.2 MB)
Brochure "Pre-Shredder (VSR)"

Product brochure for Pre-Shredder (VSR)

Size: 2.2 MB

Advantages of BHS recycling technology

  • Shredding and impact crushing
  • Outstanding metal yields
  • Proven technologies
  • Low operating costs
  • Trained service team

BHS recycling technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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