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In the processing of oil and gas, whether at the production location, during transportation or in the refinery, there are many diverse functions to be performed by solid-liquid separation. In all cases, an efficient and supremely reliable technology with a high degree of automation is required.

We have many years of experience in collaboration with companies from the engineering sector for the oil and gas industry. This also applies to challenging ambient conditions and the mostly extensive requirements with regard to documentation.


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Applications in the oil & gas industry

BHS filtration technical center

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Technical article

Removing contaminant fines from process water

ptq Petroleum Technology Quarterly
Q2 | 2016 (April-May-June)
April 2016
PDF (8.6 MB)
Removing contaminant fines from process water

Careful analysis and creative approaches are required for optimum applications of filtration technologies. The article discusses filtration technologies, applications for grey water and water scrubbing as well as troubleshooting.

Size: 8.6 MB

Choosing a Fine-Particle Filtration System

Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)
December 2014
December 2014
PDF (4.4 MB)
Choosing a Fine-Particle Filtration System

Filtration technology has advanced to meet the demand to remove small particles at low concentrations. When designed ocrrectly, a candle filter or a pressure plate filter may be a more-efficient replacement for a traditional filtration scheme.

Size: 4.4 MB

Thinking like Sherlock Holmes for process filtration technology selection

September 2014 (pages 18-22)
September 2014
PDF (841 KB)
Thinking like Sherlock Holmes for process filtration technology selection

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are fictional characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Process engineers who live in the real world can learn many things from the two of them for solving process filtration problems. This article will intertwine the detective techniques (mindfulness, astute observation, logical deduction and others) of Holmes and Watson with the problem-solving skills required to select process filtration systems.

Size: 841 KB
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