Contaminated soil

Reliable sealing

Soil contamination can have different causes:

  • Materials containing pollutants settle or are deposited on the soil.
  • Transport accidents
  • Seepage from leaking pipelines or containers
  • Abandoned munitions

To comply with government regulations regarding leachate levels, contaminated soil is mixed with cement and water to immobilize toxic components. This requires reliable mixing technology that can ensure outstanding homogeneity. Our single-shaft continuous mixers (type MFKG) and our twin-shaft continuous mixers (type LFK) with continuous process technology as well as our twin-shaft batch mixers (type DKX) with batch process technology easily meet this requirement. We also supply complete mixing plants for treatment of contaminated soil.

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Brochure “Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)” (PDF / 3.0 MB)
Brochure “Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)”

Product brochure for twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Size: 3.0 MB
Brochure "Twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK)" (PDF / 1.0 MB)
Brochure "Twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK)"

Product brochure for twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK)

Size: 1.0 MB
Brochure "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)" (PDF / 2.6 MB)
Brochure "Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)"

Product brochure for single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)

Size: 2.6 MB

Advantages of BHS mixing technology

  • Choice of continuous or batch processing technology
  • Proven BHS mixing technology for outstanding homogeneity
  • Extensive experience includes plant engineering
  • Mixing tests at our technical center in Sonthofen
  • Trained service team

BHS mixing technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center

Technical article

Continous Mixing - Mixing of fine Materials

bulk solids handling
No. 6 - 2011
October 2011
PDF (538 KB)
Continous Mixing - Mixing of fine Materials

The MFKG type single-shaft continuous mixers by BHS Sonthofen are especially suitable for mixing fine materials. According to the manufacturer, the machine always provides a homogeneous mixing result in compliance with the specified requirements.

Size: 538 KB
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