Increased methane yield

Biomass from energy crops or vegetable waste is used in biogas plants in order to obtain methane gas as a source of energy through microbial degradation. The yield of the fermentation process and the cost-effectiveness of the plant depend to a very high degree on the type and quality of the substrate resources used. The stability of the fermentation process is also an important factor.

In the interest of efficient and stable fermentation, it is advantageous for the energy crops to be processed beforehand in order to achieve extensive defibration and a defined maximum particle size. This significantly facilitates the microbiogical process. For this purpose, we have developed our Biogrinder of type RBG. It produces a crushed and mashed substrate forming a flocculent mass. The machine generates very high shear forces in the input material. It features crushing tools of simple design which provide a long service life and easy maintenance.

Investigations in collaboration with universities show that the methane yield can be significantly accelerated through use of the BHS Biogrinder. A further advantage is homogenization of the substrates. In addition, the formation of floating layers is avoided. Extraneous material such as stones and soil clods are also crushed in the machine. Another attractive option is that of using low-cost vegetable waste; without pretreatment, however, it is difficult to add this to a fermentation process. Profitability of the investment can be achieved within a short time.

MEBA GmbH in Nördlingen is our sales partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Karl-Heinz Bachmann
Emil-Eigner-Strasse 1
86720 Nördlingen, Germany

Phone: +49 9081 27214 00
Fax: +49 9081 27214 19

e-mail: info[@]meba-aufbereitung[.]de

Video on "efficient treatment of substrates"

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Brochure "Biogrinder (RBG)" (PDF / 1.8 MB)
Brochure "Biogrinder (RBG)"

Product brochure for Biogrinder (RBG)

Size: 1.8 MB

Sales partner

Exclusive sales partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Emil-Eigner-Strasse 1
86720 Nördlingen, Germany

Tel.: +49 9081 27214-00
Fax: +49 9081 27214-19

E-mail: info[@]meba-aufbereitung[.]de

Advantages of BHS recycling technology

  • Extensive defibration of renewable resources
  • 30-40% higher methane yield in the case of whole crop silage (WCS)
  • Accelerated methane formation
  • Shorter stirring times and thus lower power consumption
  • Higher operational reliability of the plant
  • Size reduction of extraneous material such as stones and soil clods
  • Continuous operation
  • Easy maintenance

BHS recycling technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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