Economical and environmentally friendly

Our machinery and plant solutions for mixing technology, crushing technology, recycling technology and filtration technology are successfully used in numerous stages of power generation.

For waste-to-energy plants and coal-fired power plants, we offer excellent solutions for processing energy feedstock, including safe and cost-effective treatment of waste disposal products.

Another focal point is the generation of power from renewable resources. Our machines and plants are used in both the generation of biogas and the production of biofuels.


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Technical article

Thinking like Sherlock Holmes for process filtration technology selection

September 2014 (pages 18-22)
September 2014
PDF (841 KB)
Thinking like Sherlock Holmes for process filtration technology selection

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are fictional characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Process engineers who live in the real world can learn many things from the two of them for solving process filtration problems. This article will intertwine the detective techniques (mindfulness, astute observation, logical deduction and others) of Holmes and Watson with the problem-solving skills required to select process filtration systems.

Size: 841 KB
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