Minerals & zeolites

High quality and reliable

Our indexing belt filters (type BF) or rubber belt filters (type BFR) are a major component in the production process for many types of minerals and zeolites. A reliable and versatile technical solution is required for safe processing of mineral suspensions and zeolite suspensions with efficient consumption of utilities. Our filters and filtration systems ensure excellent product purity, even for thin cake layers, through single or multiple cake washing steps (including counter-current), integrated vacuum drying and pressing.

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Brochure "Indexing belt filter (BF)" (PDF / 2.0 MB)
Brochure "Indexing belt filter (BF)"

Product brochure for indexing belt filter (BF) as a continuously operating, horizontal vacuum filter

Size: 2.0 MB
Brochure "Rubber belt filter (BFR)" (PDF / 1.0 MB)
Brochure "Rubber belt filter (BFR)"

Product brochure for the rubber belt filter (BFR)

Size: 1.0 MB

Advantages of BHS filtration technology

  • High performance
  • Minimal consumption of utilities
  • Multiple cake washing in one system
  • Pure product
  • Trained service team


  • Silicates & mixed silicates
  • Aluminum hydroxides
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Alumina
  • Sulfates
  • Sodium silicate
  • Ores
  • Gypsum, lime & diatomite
  • Bleaching earth
  • Molecular sieves
  • FCC

BHS filtration technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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