High-performance concrete

Mixing expertise

The range of concrete formulas used in the industry has expanded significantly in recent years. The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer (type DKX) is a reliable and future-proof solution for all concrete requirements. Batch after batch, the twin-shaft batch mixer reliably produces extremely coarse-grained mixtures (e.g., RCC), very fine-grained materials with large amounts of admixtures (e.g., SCC, UHPC) or extremely low-slump consistencies (e.g., face concrete). Concrete additives and admixtures are quickly, evenly and effectively dispersed, even when only added in small amounts.

The speed of the mixing tools can be adjusted during the mixing process via a pole-changing motor or a frequency converter. In this way, hybrid mixing processes (slow – fast – slow) are also possible.

The mixer can also be configured for gas-tight operation to enable vacuum mixing. Another option is a twin mixing system, which increases the shear forces exerted on the mixture.

We offer a range of components for precise monitoring of the mixing process: sensors for measuring consistency or temperature, a device for taking samples, or a television camera. Thanks to its design, the twin-shaft batch mixer delivers extremely reliable monitoring results. We will happily perform tests at our technical center in Sonthofen.

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Brochure “Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)” (PDF / 3.0 MB)
Brochure “Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)”

Product brochure for twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Size: 3.0 MB

Advantages of BHS mixing technology

  • Proven and future-proof machine technology
  • High level of homogeneity in a short time
  • Variable drive configuration options
  • Variety of options for mix process monitoring
  • Even distribution of admixtures
  • Low operating costs
  • Trained service team

BHS mixing technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center

Technical article

More than 80 twin-shaft batch mixers delivered to Waskita in Indonesia

April 2019
PDF (645 KB)
More than 80 twin-shaft batch mixers delivered to Waskita in Indonesia

Waskita, one of the largest concrete manufacturers of Southeast Asia, has by now taken delivery of no fewer than 80 twin-shaft batch mixers from the German Anlagenbauer BHS-Sonthofen, through its Indonesian sales partner PT Detede, and re-cently two mixing plants for the Waskita plant Japek, near Jakarta.

Size: 645 KB

State of the art batching plats for Dubai Creek Harbour

CPI - Concrete Plant International
6 | 2018
December 2018
PDF (562 KB)
State of the art batching plats for Dubai Creek Harbour

For almost two decades now, GPE has been one of the leading suppliers of concrete batching systems in the entire Arab region. Countless construction sites and large iconic projects are supplied with ready-mix concrete and now also including one of the largest and most prestigous construction projects in the Middle East.

Size: 562 KB

Becoming market leader in Southeast Asia with "Bonna Pipe"

November 2016
PDF (1.2 MB)
Becoming market leader in Southeast Asia with "Bonna Pipe"

Since 2005, various precast concrete elements have been manufactured at the factory in Bogor near Jakarta under the company name of PT Bonna Indonesia. An outstanding product within the product range is “Bonna Pipe”, a special high-strength RCCP pressure pipe with internal diameters of up to 3,500 mm. As core component of the mixing plant a twin-shaft mixer from BHS was supplied.

Size: 1.2 MB
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