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We serve customers in a wide range of industries with our machines and plants for mechanical process engineering. We have many years of experience in every field of application. We view our broad expertise as a strength. It expands our horizons and helps us develop new ideas. Our expertise is based on clearly structured internal processes along with careful and impartial analysis of customer requirements.

We also collaborate closely with plant engineering companies that integrate our machinery into their systems and plants.

The "Industry solutions" section of our website demonstrates the broad scope of our experience in the field of process technology. The applications for our machines and plants are highly diverse and new topics are continually emerging. In addition to the key applications for our machines and plants shown in this section of the website, we are constantly developing and implementing new customer-specific and application-specific solutions. We will gladly work with you to analyze, develop and implement custom solutions for your specific problems.

Contact us if you have a question or problem for us to solve.

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We offer solutions primarily for the following industries:

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