Where do we come from?

We can look back proudly on a company history of more than 400 years. We benefit from many years of experience. Our courage and spirit of innovation will continue to ensure our success.

Drawing dating from 1607. Depicts the establishment of the Sonthofen Episcopal iron smelting works.


Foundation of the Sonthofen Episcopal iron smelting works on the present-day company premises. Beginning of the production of puddling steel using iron ore from the local area.

Document entitled "Königlich Bayerisches Hüttenwerk Sonthofen" (Royal Bavarian Smelting Works Sonthofen)


Change of ownership from the Prince-Bishop of Augsburg to the State of Bavaria; the company is named "Königlich Bayerisches Hüttenwerk Sonthofen" (Royal Bavarian Smelting Works Sonthofen).

Drawing dating from 1836 depicting a cupola furnace


The company starts operation of two cupola furnaces, continuing its development into a foundry.

Drawing of the factory halls


Blast furnace operation is discontinued as iron ore mining ceases in the vicinity. The company shifts its focus to a broad product range of machinery, equipment and foundry products.

First mixer from 1888 and diagram illustrating the evolution of mixers between 1888 and 1938


Manufacture of the first twin-shaft batch mixer for concrete production The diagram shows the evolution of BHS mixers between 1888 and 1938.

One of the first Sonthofen mixers is used in 1890 during construction of the basement of the "Hirschbrauerei" brewery in Sonthofen.


One of the first Sonthofen mixers is used in 1890 during construction of the basement of the "Hirschbrauerei" brewery in Sonthofen.

Photograph of a mobile rock crushing unit


Rock crusher production begins. This marks the inception of what is today our range of crushing machines.

Photograph of the articles of association dating from 1927


The company, previously called "Hüttenamt Sonthofen," is renamed "BHS-Hüttenwerk Sonthofen" and integrated along with other Bavarian state-owned factories into the newly founded Munich-based "Bayerische Berg-, Hütten- und Salzwerke AG" (Bavarian Mining, Smelting and Salt Works Corp.). The State of Bavaria is the sole shareholder.

1930 Type STA self-propelled stone crusher with drum screen


A mobile, self-propelled stone crusher of type STA with drum screen made by BHS-Hüttenwerk Sonthofen.

Road mixer with integrated conveyor belt by Hüttenamt Sonthofen in use around 1930-1931


A slipform paver with integrated mixer and conveyor belt built by BHS-Hüttenwerk Sonthofen is used in highway construction.

Photograph of a rotary pressure filter


Start of rotary pressure filter manufacturing. This marks the establishment of the filtration technology division.

Photograph of a mixing plant


Entry into the plant engineering business

Photograph of a belt filter


Manufacture of the first belt filter

Photograph of the first impact crusher


Design and manufacture of the first vertical-shaft impact crusher in Sonthofen

SKW Trostberg AG company logo


The State of Bavaria sells its shares in "BHS-Bayerischen Berg-, Hütten- und Salzwerke AG" to the chemical company "SKW Trostberg AG".

Photograph of the BHS Sonthofen plant


The gear division of the BHS Sonthofen plant is sold to the US corporation Cincinnati Gear Company.

BHS logo


The remainder of the BHS Sonthofen plant becomes a separate legal entity under the name "BHS-Sonthofen GmbH". All shares in the company are taken over by management under the leadership of Dr. Christof Kemmann as CEO.

3D model of the first machine for the recycling industry


Sale of the first rotor impact mill designed for applications in the recycling industry, marking the start of the present-day recycling technology division

Photograph of BHS-Filtration Inc. in the USA


Founding of BHS-Filtration Inc. in the USA as a sales and service company.

Photograph of the founding of BHS China


Founding of BHS-Sonthofen (Tianjin) Machinery Co. Ltd., our production facility in Tianjin/China.

Founding of BHS-Sonthofen (India)


Founding of BHS-Sonthofen (India) Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad/India as a sales and service company


BHS-Sonthofen GmbH achieves sales of over 75 million euro for the first time.


Inauguration of the third expansion of our Chinese plant in Tianjin, this time to a production area of around 6,000 square meters.


Appointment of Dennis Kemmann as Managing Director as part of the transition of company management to the next generation.


Inauguration of the new headquarter with a modern design and almost 3,000 m² of office space.


Relocation of US subsidiary BHS-Filtration Inc. to new, larger headquarters in Charlotte (North Carolina) in May 2013.


The subsidiary BHS-Sonthofen (Aust) Pty Ltd, west of Melbourne, is founded. Its key mission is to provide local customer service for mixing, crushing and recycling technology.

Logo from AVA


In April 2018, BHS-Sonthofen took over all shares in AVA GmbH & Co. KG from Herrsching am Ammersee. As both product portfolios complement each other perfectly, BHS strengthened its own market position in the field of mixing technology and supplemented its competence in the field of solid/liquid separation with AVA's drying technology.

Skyline of Shanghai


The sales company BHS-Sonthofen Process Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. based in Shanghai (China) was founded on November 1, 2019. This company will mainly be responsible for sales of process technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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