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At our Sonthofen headquarters, we have a large spare parts warehouse with over 10,000 different articles in stock. We also keep a good inventory of parts for older machines. We have spare parts warehouses for all our standard machines at other BHS locations around the world. Always use original parts to be on the safe side.

Our trained and experienced service team can respond quickly to your requirements at our Sonthofen location as well as our other locations worldwide. Call us or send us an e-mail.


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Your contact partners for

Mixing, Crushing & Recycling Technology

Mr. Gerd Maurer
Tel: +49 8321 6099-144

Mr. Claudio Sileo
Tel: +49 8321 6099-145

Mr. Stefan Zink
Tel: +49 8321 6099-146

Mrs. Bettina Bauer
Tel: +49 8321 6099-202

Mrs. Tanja Linder
Tel: +49 8321 6099-207

E-mail: service[@]bhs-sonthofen[.]de 

Fax: +49 8321 6099-220

Your contacts for

Filtration technology

Manuel Stöhr
Phone: +49 8321 6099-347

Ursula Schaidnagel
Phone: +49 8321 6099-344

Susanne Blake-Scholz
Phone: +49 8321 6099-345

Herr Julian Blanz
Phone: +49 8321 6099-348

E-mail: service[@]bhs-sonthofen[.]de 

Fax: +49 8321 6099-220

BHS technical center

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