Recycling technology

Creating value from waste materials

Crushing machines are the centerpiece in the mechanical treatment of recyclable materials. We have broad expertise in both machine and process technology. We manufacture shredders and machines which use the principle of impact crushing and shearing. Our machines are suitable for a broad range of waste materials containing metals. Other areas of application include refuse-derived fuels, tires, plastics and paper, not to mention domestic and commercial waste.

The crushing machines selectively reduce the particle size of the input material. What is more, they selectively separate composite materials and can clean and shape metals into balls if required. Crushing is the preliminary stage in preparation for the subsequent separation process and has a decisive influence on the yield and quality of the secondary raw materials recovered. The BHS machines feature a large number of parameters enabling them to be specifically factory-configured for your requirements or adjusted as desired during operation.

We also design and implement complete recycling plants based on our crushing machines. Numerous references testify to our extensive expertise in the treatment of an extremely wide range of recycling materials containing metals.

Choosing the right machine for treating secondary materials always depends on the intended task. To make sure you make the right choice, we will gladly perform tests on full-scale machines at our recycling technical center in Sonthofen.

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BHS recycling technical center

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