Optimum recycling

In glass recycling, the challenge is to obtain the maximum number of particles with the desired grain size, minimize wear-related costs and ensure the purity of the material, all in one step. Grinding elements and impact plates that are commonly used have a very short lifespan in glass recycling applications.

The BHS rotor centrifugal crusher (type RSMX) can be tailored specifically for glass recycling applications. As a key advantage, this crusher employs a glass-on-glass principle, both during material transport in the rotor, and more importantly, during the impact crushing process. This minimizes wear-related costs. The crushing ratio can be set by adjusting the speed of the machine, and the final product has an optimum cubical shape.

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Brochure "Impact crusher & impact mill (PB & PM)" (PDF / 1.6 MB)
Brochure "Impact crusher & impact mill (PB & PM)"

Product brochure for impact crushers (PB) and impact mills (PM)

Size: 1.6 MB
Brochure "Rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)" (PDF / 3.3 MB)
Brochure "Rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)"

Product brochure for rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)

Size: 3.3 MB

Advantages of BHS recycling technology

  • Glass-on-glass crushing
  • Very few wear parts
  • Low operating costs
  • Cubical grains thanks to impact crushing
  • Selective disaggregation of glass or plastic composites
  • High throughput rates
  • Adjustable particle size distribution
  • Minimal iron input
  • Trained service team

BHS recycling technical center

Link to tests at BHS technical center
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